Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

i got my homework done early

its actually very clean right now. its coming along. but i still am not satisfied.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


like im the only girl/woman/person in the world who is severly creeped out by kids.

yea thy are cute. somtimes rearly actually.

but like seriously when its growing inside of you its literallly a parisite.

yes a parisite.

and your child will remain a parasite for the rest of their existance.

i have to many parasites as it is to choose to have one for life.

to even think about it makes me barf.

i hate girls.

but i made this well that up their

wait what!?!?1

theirs a girl on this new paris hilton bff or w/e who is from eldo hills!! ahahah omg!!!! redic!
oh danny got in a bar fight. ahhahaah
i guess some dude was talking shit then somone jumped him and punched him then a friend pulled the dude off danny and danny punched him and so he like bent down in pain and then danny kneed his face.
savage. i was told the guy wwas on the ground for quite some time rolling around and shit.
ahahahahahah danny.

Friday, September 19, 2008

second post

dude it hella creeps me out how detaced from our food we are. seriosuly jsut bread. its made in illinoise.
i've never evewn been to the east coast.
well i flwe over it going to euro or w.e but like seroiuly
if somthing happends and we were cut off.
so many people would die.
like who noes how to make bread or carbohydrates anymore from key incrediens such a corn and surgar cane.
no one knows how to grow that shit. and even if you had the money to buy it. how exorbiently expensive would that be.
i want to grow with the ground.
this creep me out.

driving rage

i wish that it was "normal" to jsut ram into shitty people in with your car.
like i was crusin and someone pulled out in front of me and like stoped and i hoked and slamed on my breaks and i thought for a mili mili second i would rather jsut hit this person.
then after i was like FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and then i was like im going to ram my car into his.
i almost did.
i've had a very angry day.
yet i;m having a blast! ahahahaha
anyways though i hope i calm down bc i ran for 35min today and then lifted wieghts for like 45min.
so hopfully i like got it out of me.
ha i sould like a boy.
like" of fuck man i"m hella pissed i gatto go fucking beat some shit up" (boy)
"no no
i have more relevant things to do"(girl)
girl jsut barly has more control over me.
ahahahaha omg
its turned into a second personality!!!

its true though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


aesop is halariously briliant and shit.
he still peepees in the house somtimes though wich is bad but we are working on it.
but hes done this a couple of times. when he pees and we find it.
i will point to it and be like "aesop what is this!?!?" and he will stop look at it and slowely walk into his kennel.
seriously if you ever see him do it. you will prob laugh solid for like 10min.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

new things

icehouse. you can't even see the sierras bc it was so bright out, and no clouds it jsut blended into the horrizon.
aesop was trying to bite my knee caps. a new hoobie of his also includes biting my cafs when i walk.
new presents

Saturday, September 13, 2008


last workout sesh with jackie. off to calpoly tommarow for her. oh well i will be their in a year. hopefully.
stats is seariously going to kill me i don't think im going to do well at all. first time i've ever had trouble in a math class.
and i've been working like mad. 5 days a week with split shift (manage int he morn and wait at night) on fridays.
seriously so done with working. i don't even need to work this much. if i worked one day a week i would be fine.
aesop is being crazy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

od damn it. i've already forgotton what i wanted to say.

oh and jsut so you no i did press the G but i guess you no who would prefer that i no use his name in vein. ahahahahah. life is rediculouse.

marnie my boss is absolutly halariouse. she is a bit crazy at times but i swear to go i would have been friends with her in high school without a doubt. she has convinced me that her and danny are distant cousins and they were both related to jessie james( you no cowboy, gun slinger jessie james) and that we all new each other in a past life.
bc you no if you have an old soul the people you meeet in each regenerated lifeis a sould of a friend from the past.
we were all ment to meet. anyone who just clicks with a random person.
wonder why?
i tend to.
i guess i've found an answer. temporarily at least.

and english.
i think iw ould want to become an english teacher except. i can not spell. and the public school system has i think done a wonderfull job at allowing me, well forcing me really to harvest my craft. but alass those enless essays about were my life will be in 5 years. the technical perspective. has completely killed it.
yet i am capable.

the world.

i have some amazing photos. well not amazing. just the simple wonderful things.
but i cannot find the cord that connects my camera to the computer.
and their are not spots to put the memory card int he computer either.

ahahahahah oh jackie.