Sunday, February 22, 2009


i need to regain some serious focus.
the past needs to be the past.
and i need to look to the future
no if's, and's or but's this time.

whats done is done its time for me to move on.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

in love

i have jsut fallen deeply in love with this ring.
i need to buy it asap!


of summer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ben has been staying with us for at least 2 months rent free in a 1 bedroom apartment.
Ben has also eaten ALOT of my food.
his cleaning has ceased.
Aesop peed all over Ben's bed.
gooood boy Aesop!
other news....
new vest $2.50 at thrift store.


NBC nightly news just had about a 5min clip on the news about how california is basically fucked if we don't pass a budget.

im pissed.

and i got aesop really high. hahaha he went in his cage. and was just staring at me. when he was trying to walk... lets just say he was having a hard time.

cutest little babey.

Friday, February 13, 2009

derek lam

Derek Lam spring 2009 and i don't remember were i found that ring. but i am defiantly obsessed with scarab Beatles and any type of Egyptian type jewelry.


so for once Cameron park got snow! about 2in. its finally acting like winter here in California and its fucking February.
anyways my mom called me at like 7 and told me their was snow and not to drive. (even tho my Volvo can defiantly make it in the snow. no problem. other people don't know when they are doing. that's when there are problems.) so i immediately looked outside and their was glorious snow!!! so i jumped out of bed to take Aesop out to play. Danny was like wtf are you doing babe? anyways Aesop was excited! some dog are really scared of snow at first but Aesop wasn't. he started battle charging bushes and eating the snow. he made lots of yellow snow. then he moved on and started flicking the snow up with his nose and then chasing it. their was a bunch of kids out playing. and my neighbor Judy was outside smoking so she took a picture. then about an hour later Marnie called me and said that i didn't need to come into work! SNOW DAY!!!!! wooohiooo! haven't had one in a long time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy work

I'm making a valentines day card for my dad. I was possibly thinking about doing it for my little sisters but I think it would spiral into one for Frank and Berry and my mom and blah and blah and blah.
so thinking maybe just my dad.

shirt: American apparel. jeans:BDG. bracelets:various antiques and such.

good deal

i just traded an old anthropology book for a bottle of local wine and some bud butter with elan.
such a good deal.

this has been a pretty bad week. not really horrible just shitty.
sad sad sad.
anyways im telling danny that im staying in the apartment and if he wants more space then he can leave. i want to be able to spend as much time with my dog before i have to find a new home for him.
ahhhh im sooo sad i can't keep aesop. i feel like a complete failure. and i feel bad that now hes not going to have a full complete dog life with someone who's gotten to love him since he was a puppy.
i think not being able to take aesop with my is making me more sad then anything.
i am going to get boxes and start packing my shit up. our last day to move out is march 10. and i don't think we will be getting very much of our deposit back. that often tends to happen witch is complete bull shit. it shouldn't cost 15$ to do 1 touch up paint.

anyways i think im going to buy a new pair of shoes from airians and get a gold rush salad from cosmic cafe after ig et out of history.
quick little whinny blog for you blogosphere citizens.
not im going to research current events!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hindu worshipers offered prayers in front of a temple surrounded with rice and flowers, offerings to the god Shiva during a local festival in Suryapet, India.


South Korean tourists watched burning pampas grass during celebrations for the first full moon of the lunar new year at Hwawang Mountain in Changnyeong, about 215 miles southeast of the capital, Seoul. At least four people were killed and 35 injured when the fire started and a mountaintop stampede ensued.
Photo: Kim Gu-yeon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

recently single

first off im listening to gang starr. a must.
anyways dan and i broke up. kinda?
i don't really understand our status because we still have a month till our lease is up. and he still wants to go on dates?

anyways for once i don't have to work. i think i want to go to folsom. i don't really want to be here when danny gets here.

i can not wait to move to SLO! begning of june can not come soon enough!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


OK so I've just been trolling the mass abyss of the Internet.

and i have come upon this.

trolling along.
he makes fantastic music.
"Do you ever get lonely playing on your own?
Constantly. The only way to get over it is to smoke weed and watch Seinfeld." (VICE)
so i was trolling vice land. yes you've guessed it. anyways. i started reading bullshit articles and then i came across that little line and it made me laugh so much that i had to do a little fallow up. and figure who this creep was.
and it led me to of course his myspace.
so i don't no him, but i defiantly love his music.

burn that shit

MF DOOM Pandora radio station

dinner with Cassie was delish! I'm still hungry tho. so I'm eating an orange.
prop more Post to come tonight. sorry about my absence. lame i no. i just work and go to school a lot. so i don't have time.