Wednesday, May 19, 2010

adventure land

i have come to the conclusion that i live in an adventure land. there is something new todo every day a new place and it every view is diffrent and spectacular for an array of reasons.

i made the boys rent the golden compus we got a projector and so we basically have a 10 ft tv in our living room i guess its now a theater.

anways today i went for i hike down emerald bay with jenna, lynzi,and mike i didn't take any pictures we all looked disgusting but it was beautiful it was cloudy all day and then when we got to the beach the clouds broke up into blue skies with the intense sun warmed our pale skin. this spring has been rather cold and wet but i guess this winter was quite cold and very wet. the lake is high. i even put my feet in the water had it been warmer i would have jumped in. i love the lake, visability is like 67ft wich is rather insane but its true. when its warm enough im going to swim to the island with jenna and explore the old house on it. however im still wearing layers and rain is in the foract for more then a few days in the next 10 days.

this picture is old but i like it and i love loui ad rather dislike monita i definatly play favorites.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

extreamly bored

jose is just fantastic!

thought id post some really old pictures of me kinda modeling? ha for garyangelica
mediocre at best but w.evs they are kinda amusing!
oh and i can't wait to be tan again im so pasty right meow!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


so im in roseville i've been here for a couple days i came down for mothers day. anyways i went to the fabric store today and spend about 2 hours in there and i think i might go back tommarow. i havefree time monday tuesday and wednesdays and i can't go outside because its still fucking snowing! seriously its may 10 and south lake tahoe is supposed to get about 6in tonight! insane!
maybe i will post some pictures when i get home.

really in a confused state of mind. most people don't shut me out, like i feel im a person that people often come to for advice or jsut somone to listen. and the one person who means the most to me jsut has these huge walls built up and its rather painful somtimes because i feel he really lashes out and refuses to talk to understand and just shuts down.

regardless wall don't mean much to me so they will be in shambles soon enough.
i feel like maybe i get hit in the head by some bricks every now and then?

back into fantasy land....

im obsessed with florals, pastels, leather and black this summer oh and a little gold metalic to spice things up a bit however my newest obsession? nookie.

there are many more looks one in particular with a white button up shirt with a high wasted mini skirt so simply yet wimsical and beautiful!

Monday, May 3, 2010

cave rock adventure

so when i got off work a couple days ago it was too beautiful to just go home.
so the top of that rock is were i went!

it starts out quite easy but then you have a little climbing too do
thats the look down
to the south shore

oh yea and you can drive through it

coming down theirs a couple branches that are very worn down from people grabbing them.
and thats my exciting adventure. right when i got to the top i had to pee really bad. Lucky theres lots of rocks to squat on. probably not the best thing to do on sacred Washoe land.