Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new boots

so i got my new frye boots. really cute. really cumf. those are not them. i just want that boot necklace to put on them. ebay.

havn't worn them yet tho i need to go have new soles put on them bc they are just leather and i don't want to slip.
today i don't have class well im not going to class today.
tommarow i have to debate but im confident that i will kill it.
im gunna go work out.
i've been running for 45min on the tread mill but its not enough i jsut get bored. i miss playing basketball for 2 hours and really feeling tierd. everything is so mediocre.

all my friends are coming home today and tommarow. YAY!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


danny went on a mission

so now im bored.

kevin gave me this really awsome book its called" hot, flat, and crowded" by thomas l. freidmanits about why we need a green revolution. i read the first 7 pages. its kinda amazing.

i really happy that i get to work with such amazing people. every one is crazy. but they are filled with wonderful stories. experiences. talents. well not everyone but a few of them. haha
also i went on kinda a spree. i bought a pair of pants. normal 78$ sale 15$ i had to. i had been eyeing them for some time. and i put a couple bids in on ebay. may bank about will be dry soon. bleh ahahaah

7 Things I Can Do:
1. create clothing
2. create art

3. clean ( i am very good at cleaning , just not staying clean)

4. make people laugh

5. make people feel bad about themselves

6. fold fited sheets so they are neat

7. do my own nails

7 Things I Cannot Do:
1. play the piano



7 Things That Attract Me To daniel lewis brown
1. he has a cute butt

2. he is fun to wrestle and karate chop

3. cute lips
4. HALARIOUSE he makes everyone laff. everyone.
5. he is really funny
6. he doesn't play games
7. he loves me more than life itself. and yet he still retains his self respect
7 Things I Say Most Often:

2. slaterrrr

3. hi welcome to zpie

4. i hate stats

6. i love you

7. crazzzzaaaa

7 Celebrity Admirations:






7 Favorite Foods:
1. sushi
2. spaggettii
3. burittos

4. gorgonzola salads

5. water
6. fruit
7. icea cream


Fuck ya! just bought these boots from nordstrums online.
40% off frye boots i hope they are as cute in person as theya re online if not i will be really really sad.
and they were a complete slurge for me
starving college students living on their own
with no help from momy and daddy do not have $230 to spend on boots.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

eligh and the grouch

marijuana i think i need a hit.

mind eye open wide.

CA breed born raised love

Sunday, November 9, 2008

so im smoking with he elipahnt my danny got me and im pretty drunk tipsy i had bout 5+ glasses o wine with the boys fam. ha seriouse winos. sex
plautime with slater.
sp gooo.
maybe i will apint tonight,

hahah so obviously drunkj. i think i will mak make myself a capt and morg.
bacardi supirior.
cassie sassy frass!
ahaha i miss you and i want you to move home.
like now!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last weekend

danny def. fidles with himself more then I. also i made both of our outfits completly from scratch. just a couple yards of fabric each.

brooke brooke brooke love love love

all of these are from last weekend. halloween and then sunday i went wine tasting in apple hill and to jackrussle brewery. yum!
also alot of the pictures are blurry. we were driving and i was drunk.
theres alot more pictures i jsut don't ahve them all.
anyways i had an amazing workout. 30min cardio 30min weights
then omlet and hashbrowns yum!
aesop is being a jerk tho he keeps drinking my OJ.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

help help help

i need a little help on my STATS project.
i have to create my own dataset to use for calculations soooo: