Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new years

Santa Cruise for new years with brooke jackie and potty.
Excited to say the least.
Im leaving tonight in a couple hours.
I am a bit sad that i wont be able to get a new years kiss from danny.
but I know my girls wont let me down.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

early inspiration

Givenchy: spring 09


John Ray and I have large noses.

trader joe's is the home of the cheapest most wonderful food in California.

I think I'm turning into a Pescetarian.

awhile ago...

danny and i went to nevada city.

it was snowing. and this was just the first 10min.

Friday, December 26, 2008

not too holiday inspired.

dreaming by cult classic
what im wishing i got for Christmas.
oh well
I'm still satisfied. i was actually quite happy that I didn't have to open hundreds of presents. and for the first time I was more excited to watch my family open their gifts then to open mine.
I'm sure this giving spirit will pass.
I am a selfish person.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas party

dress is from old navy
belt vintage
thermal is wranglers compliments of my boyfriends dad
jacket is billabong

z-pie has a xmas party
we went to sushi
some of us were a little late.

Monday, December 15, 2008

x-mas list

and this is also a xmas present im adding to the list


so today i had my anthro final and debate final. im sad to be done with anthropology, it was one of my favorite classes. and now i should be studying for statistics but im taking a break. i also need to finish my research paper tonight wich im jsut barly half way .
i had a great weekend tho, i went with danny and his family and it was snowing and wonderfull. i took alot of pictures but i dn't feel like going threw them now. maybe tommarow. prob. not.
after class im gunna go pick jack up in the snow. and celebrate for her birthday.
oh and on slypark rd there was a 17 car crash. people really don't understand the mechanics of driving in the snow.
anyways i need to get back to studying....

Friday, December 12, 2008

what i want for christmas

this hammock chair would be nice but these candles would be amazing!

among many things i really want these Mortimer Bust Candle from http://www.iloveuma.com/
please please please Santa! i have been a good girl i promise!

Monday, December 8, 2008


omg my dog just chewd my 300$ frye boots
they are now obviously destrying.
im crying.

i have soooo much homework to do! its really giving me anxiety. ugh.
anyways tonight my work is having a christmas party and we are all going to sushi and the bosses are payin! wootwoot! ahha
but now i have to go do research on gender and sociological criticisms and catholic guilt and itialian racism. oh and finish my STATS project and my debate protfolio.
p.s. its been super foggy out but still isn't raining :(
cali is going to be experiencing a seriouse drought if things continue on this path

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

cold school

the plaid is actually brown and the jeans a red/black it reads as the same color. lame.
so its been cold here in cali and by cold i mean 50 degrees anything under 70 and im shivering.
also 1 week left of school and then finals. to bad i have a STATS project to finish, a STATS final and anthropology final and a research project to finish. i had my last debate today. we won against a reginal campion. anyways this all translates to me being busy.
first photo is banksy, second is aesop in taheo over the summer, third my new boots and killcity jeans, fourth me before i went to work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new boots

so i got my new frye boots. really cute. really cumf. those are not them. i just want that boot necklace to put on them. ebay.

havn't worn them yet tho i need to go have new soles put on them bc they are just leather and i don't want to slip.
today i don't have class well im not going to class today.
tommarow i have to debate but im confident that i will kill it.
im gunna go work out.
i've been running for 45min on the tread mill but its not enough i jsut get bored. i miss playing basketball for 2 hours and really feeling tierd. everything is so mediocre.

all my friends are coming home today and tommarow. YAY!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


danny went on a mission

so now im bored.

kevin gave me this really awsome book its called" hot, flat, and crowded" by thomas l. freidmanits about why we need a green revolution. i read the first 7 pages. its kinda amazing.

i really happy that i get to work with such amazing people. every one is crazy. but they are filled with wonderful stories. experiences. talents. well not everyone but a few of them. haha
also i went on kinda a spree. i bought a pair of pants. normal 78$ sale 15$ i had to. i had been eyeing them for some time. and i put a couple bids in on ebay. may bank about will be dry soon. bleh ahahaah

7 Things I Can Do:
1. create clothing
2. create art

3. clean ( i am very good at cleaning , just not staying clean)

4. make people laugh

5. make people feel bad about themselves

6. fold fited sheets so they are neat

7. do my own nails

7 Things I Cannot Do:
1. play the piano



7 Things That Attract Me To daniel lewis brown
1. he has a cute butt

2. he is fun to wrestle and karate chop

3. cute lips
4. HALARIOUSE he makes everyone laff. everyone.
5. he is really funny
6. he doesn't play games
7. he loves me more than life itself. and yet he still retains his self respect
7 Things I Say Most Often:

2. slaterrrr

3. hi welcome to zpie

4. i hate stats

6. i love you

7. crazzzzaaaa

7 Celebrity Admirations:






7 Favorite Foods:
1. sushi
2. spaggettii
3. burittos

4. gorgonzola salads

5. water
6. fruit
7. icea cream


Fuck ya! just bought these boots from nordstrums online.
40% off frye boots i hope they are as cute in person as theya re online if not i will be really really sad.
and they were a complete slurge for me
starving college students living on their own
with no help from momy and daddy do not have $230 to spend on boots.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

eligh and the grouch

marijuana i think i need a hit.

mind eye open wide.

CA breed born raised love

Sunday, November 9, 2008

so im smoking with he elipahnt my danny got me and im pretty drunk tipsy i had bout 5+ glasses o wine with the boys fam. ha seriouse winos. sex
plautime with slater.
sp gooo.
maybe i will apint tonight,

hahah so obviously drunkj. i think i will mak make myself a capt and morg.
bacardi supirior.
cassie sassy frass!
ahaha i miss you and i want you to move home.
like now!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

last weekend

danny def. fidles with himself more then I. also i made both of our outfits completly from scratch. just a couple yards of fabric each.

brooke brooke brooke love love love

all of these are from last weekend. halloween and then sunday i went wine tasting in apple hill and to jackrussle brewery. yum!
also alot of the pictures are blurry. we were driving and i was drunk.
theres alot more pictures i jsut don't ahve them all.
anyways i had an amazing workout. 30min cardio 30min weights
then omlet and hashbrowns yum!
aesop is being a jerk tho he keeps drinking my OJ.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

help help help

i need a little help on my STATS project.
i have to create my own dataset to use for calculations soooo:


Saturday, October 25, 2008


ok ok so i never do shit like this but cassie tagged me so fine.

so there are rules to this and here they are:
- link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
- share 10 random weird facts about yourself. begin.i

1. i like the way my dog stinks i think it smells good its comforting

2. i am a HORRIBLE speller

3. i wish i had more fancy occasions so i could dress up every now and then

4. my life revolves around work school my dog and my bf

5. im really excited bc jessie danny's brother just got engaged to denieve! wooot wooot! really excited for them the whole family have all been just waiting for it

6. i can't wait for it to get cold

7. i really love watching educational tv

8. i voted for obama

9. i have no respect for palin, i think she is a sorry excuse for a women, a mother, and a polotician.

10. I am wayyyyy better at money management, decision making, and critical thinking than any friend i have ever had. the only people who surpass me are my parents. trust me they are both amazing people and i really don't think anyone could have more inspiring amazing parents.

AND an extra kicker: i am horrible at talking to people, i am a complete pro a ending conversations.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

should be...

paul & joe

Alexander McQueen

just a couple favs for spring 2009
should continue writing about why the US government should eliminate cotton subsidies.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hair cut

im thinking a little a la Leigh Lezark.
my hair grows like wild fire so im thinking even if im not that into it. it will be back to normal in like 3 months.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


made lots of money. super busy. my fellow workers were not so lucky.

so i had a cig with christian after work to give him a little cheer up time.

he only made half the amount i made.

his customers prefer me.


anyways i was bored before i went to work today.

i wanted to have coffee with mallory today. but that didn't work out.
now i need to write an essay.

two good shot stories to read:
the yellow wall paper
a rose for emily