Friday, March 20, 2009


today is a gorgeous day.
days like this make me get excited for summer.
i want frozen yogurt.
im headed back into town later to hang out with Brooke.
love of my life.
then Craig.
not the love of my life.
but amusing.


ahaha side note adam and i were lit all day.
it was good. 'i want to e a freegan.


monday i participated in a protest again the raise in tuition rates. it was fun.

Friday, March 13, 2009

school computer room

so I'm back at me madres casa. my feelings on the situation are neutral. its good in many ways. and blows ass in many ways.
at least she is making meatloaf tonight!
anyways sorry i haven't been blogging she has sloowww Internet, so I'm only checking my stuff when I'm at school. which is were I'm at right now.
no major news except I'm stoked about tonight! karaoke!!!!!

and I scaved this site off a fellow blogger.

amazing jewelry for relatively cheep!