Thursday, July 24, 2008

not even family can be trusted

i hate my sister.
i want to beat the shit out of her.
till her body is a purple jello.
she owes me prob like$1000
she is a dumb cunt.
im sick of having to cover lazy peoples asses on rent and bills.
get off your fat asses.
get some jobs.
and stick it the fuck out.
im living in the real world. and getting increasingly irritated with weak people.
if you choose a path, then you fucking take that path. finish it.
start somthing. finish it.
you are completly moraly bankrupt.
as you continue feeding off people in your family. they will get sick of it.
they will cut you off.
and they will stop speeking to you.
i've hit my dead end. im saprised my parents havn't either.
waste of space.
waste of my energy.

fucking losers.

trust no one.
family will not be their when you need them.
you will be alone mentaly or physicaly for life.
fill your body with dead carcases.
and die.
get used to it.
mood: pissed the fuck off.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

farmers market

i took aesop to the farmers market today. got some veggies and such. aesop was a good boy. and im pretty sure everyone at the market complimented me on how adorable my dog was. i love him. hes turrning into another limb. and im going to miss him on my trip :(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i love chinese food

soo fucking good.

this may intrest cassie....

... a meger amount. and no one else.
thier is a new girl at my work. she is by far the dumbest person whom i have ever met.
first off. to make coffee. you do not boil water on a coffee make.
you have to poor water thrue the top thing with the grinds.
take out the trast means take out the trash. don't ask 10min later if you can take the fucking reash out. stop talking to my tables so fucking much. people dont like randoms up in their face.
and one thing that anoyed me above all. i do not wear booty shorts. my ass never hangs out ma shorts. people who only waer pants tend to have ugly ass fatty legs. i do not. and you do. that is why your a "jeans and converse type-o-girl".
don't make snotty remarks about me to my friends bc you are not winning them over.

this is all rediculouse.

i have only had my dog for a coulple of weeks. he is jsut a little pup. anyways, he already knows were i keep his food. and open the cubbord. he drops the socks back into their drawr when you say drop the socks after hes run off with them.
he is completly rediculouse. and quite stubbornd. but i love him none the less. i really feel like my life before him was party empty. i hate how the simplest of things have such an amazing imparct on yor life.
i think im going to have some ice crea,. chocolate with peanut butter cups.

Friday, July 18, 2008


this is were we went yesterday. wasn't quite so green. but beautifull none the less.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008



i got smoke in my iris

but i painted a sunny day on the inside of my eyelids.

side note.
its def a favorite thing to watch my smoke while i exhale.
i am getting creative with it.
also its entertainging when it flows threw the room you can seee it settle in a specific area.
i hate living in apartments.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

smoke and water

boredom begins to kill the soul.
but, you no how we do.

as you can see last week and the week before that was extreamly smoky. when you looked outside you thought well its a foggy day in december. then you go outside and its like 90 degrees and theirs a thick smell in the air. itchy eyes and heavy breathing.

i couldn't even see the sierras i was pissed for about 2 weeks. i still don't think i can see them but at least the sky is a definate blue today.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

california burns for the sins of country

at least i have my new pupup aesop to keep me entertained.

seriously california has been up in flames since the year began.

from tahoe to bigsir down south to malibu and san diego shit is on fucking fire

and my lung are taking a toll i get too much smoke in them to deal with ash particles and shit on a hot day.