Sunday, April 12, 2009

newspaper in bed

gaaaahhh! i havn't posted in an extreamly long time. im never home or at a computer anymore. wich is nice. the only reason im on now is because im at craigs he had to leave way early for work but he told me to stay so i read the news paper and his tv is connected to his computer so im laying in bed right now. so nice.
he lives on prob. one of the cutests houses ever. laura is aonderful at making things look cute.
i think im gong to make some pasta salad. go to trader joes.
i need to do homework!!! ahhhhh! some seriouse projects i need to get started on. but dude its my last day of spring break.
i wish craig would come back from work . i already made him about an hour late.

craig got bit by a spider.
i was temporarily convinced that it was a brown recluse.
however i as wrong,
and thankfully his leg didn't rot away.

blogs are stupid.
why am i writing any of this?