Thursday, January 3, 2013

1 year

its been exactly 1 year since i posted a blog.
alot has changed and yet it seems im exactly the same.
im currently addicted to and cracking out on history channels ancient aliens.
so good. and you know what? i think i believe almost everything they say.
yea, im an alien theorist. i don't believe in an all powerful god i believe in aliens. i believe they have made and continue to make contact with the human race and play a role in our development or stagnation, which ever you believe the world is going.

anyways its a new year, im hoping for a good one.
still living in San Francisco but im liking it more now than how i was feeling a year ago, can't say that im really in love with it. i want to travel and yet not get out of my bed. strange those are my competing wants and they really don't flow with one another.

i need to start blogging more.
maybe vlog?
would that be weird?

back to ancient aliens....

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